Vision And Mission


  • To consolidate the rich experience of 50 years of existence into a cohesive, professional and performing service industry and attain recognition.
  • Create councils and invite participation of all arms of transportation industry and evolve a uniform and comprehensive policy.
  • Establish a forum to interact with trade and industry and exchange ideas and views to develop and direct forwarding community to meet their requirements.
  • Establish relation, participation and contribute to policy makers and suggest regulation conducive for us to perform to the expectations of the trade.
  • To move towards a full fledged Electronic Data Interchange regime and become a part of seamless cargo movement.


  • In keeping with the objectives of the Federation towards Custom House Agents Associations,our main mission would be:-
  • To encourage, support and organise Training Programmes at local, regional and national level.
  • To work closely with Revenue Department i.e. Customs Organisation to create confidence and establish integrity & respectability for its members.
  • To establish and publicise the code of conduct applicable to its members and suitably modify the constitution to provide strict adherence.
  • To promote and educate the Trade & Industry to understand the necessity to engage only licensed and regulated Custom House Agents.
  • To focus attention and educate the members on the advantages of computer system over manual systems and move them ahead towards total automation.
  • To move towards establishing time frame for performance of duties that are undertaken by the members and bring transparency in transactions.

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