Membership Fees

Membership fee structure


I) Associate Membership 

Head Office
Annual Subscription GST 18% Total Fees Enclosure
Rs. 2500/- Rs.450/- Rs. 2950/- Xerox copy of CHA License


Branch Office
Annual Subscription GST 15% Total Fees Enclosure
Rs. 1250/- Rs. 225/- Rs. 1475/- Xerox copy of CHA License


II) Allied Membership

Annual Subscription + 4 years subscription in advance One time Admission fee + GST GST 18% Total Fees Enclosure
Rs. 25000/- Rs. 20000/-

Rs.4500/- +

Rs. 3600/-

Rs.53100/- Xerox copy of MTO License,

IATA Registration, Console Agent Registration, CFS Registration


III) Ordinary Membership 

Member strength Annual Fees GST 18% Total Enclosure
0-50 Rs. 2000/- Rs. 360/- Rs. 2360/- Membership list, Managing Committee list, Constitution, Copy of Commissioner of Customs approval in whose jurisdiction Associations falls, Registration Certificate.
51-100 Rs. 5000/- Rs. 900/- Rs. 5900/-
101-250 Rs.10000/- Rs.1800/- Rs.11800/-
251-500 Rs.25000/- Rs.4500/- Rs.29500/-
501-1000 Rs.50000/- Rs.9000/- Rs.59000/-
1001 and above Rs.75000/- Rs.13500/- Rs.88500/-



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