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There are many good reasons to become the member of Federation of Freight Forwarders’ Associations in India (FFFAI)….

Recognition and Credibility

Membership of FFFAI gives recognition and credibility to the Custom Brokers  Agents. FFFAI membership has  excellent reference value for developing National and International Network.

Use of FFFAI Logo 

Members of FFFAI are permitted to display the FFFAI logo on their office signboards and to print the logo on their company stationery, publicity material and business cards (but not on transport documents) 

Membership of International Bodies

Only Member of FFFAI can apply for the individual Membership of International Federation of Freight Forwarders Association (FIATA) & International Federation of Customs Brokers Association (IFCBA), which are international Bodies of Freight Forwarders and Customs Brokersrespectively.

Participation in Biennial Conventions of FFFAI

 FFFAI conducts well organised and well attended conventions which is attended by senior government officials  from Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Surface Transport, Ministry of Finance, Central Board of Excise and  Customs, Port, Shipping Lines, Airlines and international bodies. Excellent presentations on diverse topics by experts and meaningful discussions is one of the highlights of the conventions. 

Members participate at discounted rates on delegate fees for Convention. Members get opportunity to   interact with all the CHA ‘s /International Freight Forwarders / Shipping Lines /Logistics partners /  Government officials.

FFFAI’s Website 

Members name, address with contact details are displayed on the website. The website is visited by many national and international freight forwarders around the world.

Website is a good platform for participation and interaction with our members to update on regular basis  throughout India.

Website can also perform on solutions by members having any hardships / problems related to Shipping  Lines /customs, port, service tax, etc., they can post it on the website, and the FFFAI committee will try to  resolve the problem with experts advise. 

There are some portions, i.e. members’ forum, circulars, publications on the site, which can be accessed by  our members only through Login access.Any updates on website are auto alert to members by e-mail

Nomination on the FFFAI’s Executive Committee 

Members have an Opportunity to be a part of Executive Committee of FFFAI as Nominee of Associate Member by representing 20 Associate members. In this capacity he can attend and participate in the Executive Committee meetings held at different locations.

Circulars/ Mailers, Newsletters 

All the important circulars, public notice, notifications issued by Board are uploaded on our website, intimation  for the same is auto forwarded to all the Members of FFFAI by email.  Members can login & view all the circulars. 

In addition FFFAI also circulates communications received from various Trade Bodies.



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